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I will just help everyone but this is not good

I donot post next time because everyone can don’t want good suggestion.

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Are you copying all of this from some sort of e-book or something?

I see numerous posts from you in the past few minutes.

Your paragraphs/tips appear to have gaps in them, like you only copied what you wanted.

You aren’t even pacing yourself!


This is paid (secret) book. Everyone can get it some money but I have share it full freely.

If you don’t like this…Don’t read my topics.

Well first of all: I hope you got it for free, if that tells you anything about the value of its content.

And secondly: spamming the forum with copied and pasted material, that is copyrighted work I assume, does not mean you are contributing anything or helping others.


I Donot copy any others post. If you mean copy post please give me proof of send me URL of Previous post.

You copied and pasted a book, no?


It says in the Forum Rules:

Making posts for the Tips categories: In most cases, seller tips should be posted by leveled sellers with significant experience and understanding of the Forum Rules and Terms of Service. Tips should not be just copies or quick re-writes of off-Fiverr content or other seller’s posts. Tips should never be used in any self-promotional way. Posts that are considered redundant or otherwise a poor fit may be removed or moved to another category. Repeatedly posting tips that are a poor fit may result in posting restrictions. Buyer is encouraged to make tips posts in Tips for Buyers although they may be edited or re-categorized if the content is misleading, inaccurate, mentions sellers by username or are considering venting/ranting.


Thank you! We appreciate it.


@rajumpc20 Hello, posting on the forum DOES NOT help anyone get sales and may even hurt your chances of getting sales. People don’t want to read useless posts usually, or ones that give wrong information. I know you want to help but this is not the way to do that. I hope you see what I mean.

That book is not secret or paid, it is openly available on the internet so that is false information. The tips in that book are wrong and can get people’s accounts banned. So instead of helping others you might actually be hurting them.