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I will learn german give me job

I cannot hide this from you.
He was persistent.

B: Hiii
B: How are you??

S: Hi - good. How can I help you?

B: Give me online any job

S: yeah? Why?

B:Because I am afraid and worried now

S: Ohhh why?

B:I have no money really I am tell you true

S: I am believing you. For sure. But what can I do? I don´t think that you can handle my jobs?

B:I will try to handle your job really towards myself

S: Do you know that I am writing in German? Do you know german?

B: No but I know only English arabic and Urdu

S: That´s cool really. But I am writing in german?

B: Plz help me this time I will thankful you really

B: Plz plz plz

S: but how?

B: From giving me the any job

S: I am writing only in german and you can´t german? How could you finish the job?

B: Teach me German then I will do okay

B: Sir

S: Do you know that the German Language is one of the most difficult ones? Come back when you know german, afterwards I will give you a ton of jobs.

B: Teach me sir German language

B: I will teach for the job

S: Ok - It was fun and everything. Bye bye


Very patient. And also funny.


Aw mate, why not teach him! :laughing:

Geat one, made me laugh hard!

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