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"I will leave an honest review on other platforms"


Dear community,

What does a seller need to expect if he, even after grinding 18k USD in revenues, tells to one bad customer that he will “leave honest reviews on other platforms”

Is this a violation of the ToS?

Kind regards


Are you saying that you told your buyer you would leave them a bad review on another platform?

Or are you saying your buyer threatened to give you a bad review on another platform?


That sounds like a threat. If the buyer reported it to Fiverr, and Fiverr thinks it is a violation of the ToS, I think they might suspend the seller’s account/ban the seller. It would not matter if the seller even made 100K in revenue.

Taken from the ToS:

  • Rude, abusive, improper language, or violent messages will not be tolerated and may result in an account warning or the suspension/removal of your account.


After the buyer being rude and disrespectful, the seller accepted that he had wasted time and money on the project. Opening an order dispute which was later cancelled by the buyer, the seller told him that he will leave an honest review on other platforms.


Yes, that would be against the ToS for the reasons given by @hanshuber16. If the seller, whether it’s you or somebody else, were reported by the buyer, then they could be in trouble for it.

I’m sure Fiverr wouldn’t condone their buyers being threatened in this way, regardless of the reason.