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I will leave Fiverr because


Hi everyone,

I definitely decided to leave Fiverr after I finish the ordered gigs I have. This decision has come after I noticed that the website system reduced your rating after a gig is cancelled by the buyer after short time from the deadline. And what makes this decision more definite is that you cannot place offers for buyers’ requests. Also, the overall rating is only reduced by cancelling only without a negative rate in the service.

Your feedback is very important in this issue.




yes I agree you must not be a buyer. If you were your would understand better.

I think everyone should be a buyer before becoming a seller.

I have been on fiverr for 3 years now wasn’t until just now that I became a seller. I have literally spent thousands of dollars on fiverr over last 3 years.

I understand my frustrations as a buyer and I can use that in a positive way as a seller.

When people order and gig is gonna take 2 days we don’t wanna wait that long for our gig but we do because that’s how long the gig will take. but when a seller misses the deadline with no communication you begin to question it. I would be more understanding if gig was backed up with orders and there was communication. but to miss a deadline makes me wanna cancel order and order from someone else. I do try to give the seller a chance just to avoid another wait with another gig. but at some point I have to cancel. you should just do a better job and get your rating back up.


It’s a shame to leave because of something like that. With the languages you speak, I bet you could find a good niche, and I agree that you could come back from that.


Even IF it was a “short time” after the deadline, that means you went 24 hours AFTER the deadline as the site gives you another day to deliver before the buyer can cancel. Did you message the buyer and tell them you were going to be late and why? If not, or if you messaged after the late notice, the buyer has every right to cancel. If buyers did not have the ability to cancel when sellers go beyond the time frame that the seller set for themselves, we would have sellers putting off doing the work, because they would not fear a bad rating, their Gigs getting lowered in the search or the inability to bid on new requests. There has to be some punitive action if you do not follow through. Your 2 most recent reviews (1 day and 7 days ago) show that you did not deliver the order. What do you suppose Fiverr should do? If you could not follow through, you should have requested a mutual cancellation so that you would not have received the bad feedback. Think about it: if you were waiting on a 1000 word article that was due, and then the writer never delivered, wouldn’t you be a bit annoyed? Of course you would.

Your rating is at 85% I think, which is not really horrible as far as trying to make a come back. Your other ratings seem to show you write articles that people have liked. You can get that average back up if you try. If you stay, make sure you do not deliver late or if you are going to have issues, either mutually cancel or talk to the buyer so they know you are not missing in action and will get their work done.