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I will leave Fiverr because

Hi everyone,

I definitely decided to leave Fiverr after I finish the ordered gigs I have. This decision has come after I noticed that the website system reduced your rating after a gig is cancelled by the buyer after short time from the deadline. And what makes this decision more definite is that you cannot place offers for buyers’ requests. Also, the overall rating is only reduced by cancelling only without a negative rate in the service.

Your feedback is very important in this issue.



I know it sucks, but the buyer is always right. This happens everywhere.

I once got a order to clone a website + upload and install + express delivery. The website turned out harder than it looked and I had to be late. order cancelled immediatly !

I had to offer a free gig to get my rating back !

Why are you posting this in multiple forums? Once… in one forum is sufficient.