I will let you skype with a real female wrestler for $5


I am REAL female wrestler for the Female Wrestling Channel.

My name is Monroe Jamison and I’m looking to turn people around the world onto the idea of real female competitive mat wrestling. What makes us unique, is we never know where the story will go, nor do our viewers, due to the outcomes of our matches not being scripted or predetermined.

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I love meeting new people and I’m especially interested in those of you who are wrestling fans or who want to become interested in our style of wrestling. In a skype discussion with me, you are free to talk about wrestling, or you are free to talk about you.

If you need a girl’s advice, feel free to buy this gig for that purpose. I will do my best to genuinely help you. All I will ask in return is that you check out a couple of my wrestling videos and consider becoming a fan and supporter of what I do!

It’s only $5 for 5 minutes of my time or you can buy 25 minutes for $25.

Go on over to my profile and check out this gig and schedule your chat with me today!




I want to buy the 396 photoset!!!


Thank you so much Joey – I just messaged you back about the photo set!