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I will mailchimp template or newsletter design and email template

Hi, I am a new seller
How to improve my Gig and how can order me?
Please help me

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Fist Of All, Your gig title is not meaning full. there are a few grammatical problems. So, make a correction it.

As I am reviewed your profile. your profile open in 2017. Now it’s 2020. 3 year’s your account was offline. so it’s very difficult to rank your gig on long time inactive account. also, you can open 7 gigs but you open only 2 gigs. Open another 5 gigs to get a good sale.

Gig Rank policy:

  1. Research your service keyword, which helps you to rank your gig on fiverr search engine.
  2. Do your gig image SEO friendly.
  3. Keep marketing your gig on social media.
  4. Try to keep online your profile 24/7
  5. Make your nice gig title with effective keywords.

Thanks for your understanding…

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Thanks for your positive comment, I really appreciate your comment.
My profile created in 2017. Now 2020.
So I have a question,
I will use the older account or new account to create. Please suggest to me.

have a good day.

Its better if you can create a new account. coz new account makes rank very fast… :slight_smile:

Once again Thank you very much