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I will make a difficult decision for you for $5

What if there were someone who could guide you into making the right decisions? Better yet, what if there were someone who could make the hard decisions for you based in logic and common sense?

There is! The best part is you won’t have to shell out 100’s of dollars like you would a usual life coach.

Check it out! Or don’t. It’s your decision:

Oh those tough decisions… whether it be financial, emotional, or anything else under the sun, when the pressure’s on and you don’t have the answer… well… nobody wants to be that guy or gal. The wrong move can sure make a mess of things can’t it? Who’s to say what the RIGHT move is? That’s probably why you’re here. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. :wink:

My name’s Rick. I’m the guy in my circles that everybody comes to when they don’t know what to do. Business decisions, purchases, love, all the way down to "Should I dye my hair black?"

Hard decisions can stress you out… Especially when you’re the one emotionally involved in them. Emotions cloud your judgement. Think about the last time you made a bad call. What caused you to do that? Anxiety? Fear? Over-excitement?

When you have someone viewing your entire situation from the outside in, you have a play caller that sees all the angles. Not just the ones being shoved in your face. Logic can solve almost any situation.

Professional life coaches charge hundreds of dollars… I’m going to do it for $5. All you have to do is tell me what you’re up against. Then, sit back as I break it down for you. Get a decision and then? …Exhale.

Reply to @phoenix96: I appreciate that! If I ever have a German client i’ll be sure to contact you.

I think that your gig is very interesting. Maybe someone out there will need your help.

I hope that you get your first order as soon as possible. I am also waiting for my first order.