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I will make a pixel art or construction in Minecraft for $5


For $5 I will make you a pixel art or sculpture construction. This makes it really useful for minecraft servers. I will deliver it to you in a save file (minecraft map).

This is what I can do:

-A pixel art of a image. There are some limitations, though: high quality photographies will look as if they were “pixelated” on minecraft. I recommend sending a small image like a videogame sprite, for example.

-A pixel sculpture, which may be functional as a building. You have two examples of this on the gig gallery. Both the Enderman and the Magic table are buildings, being one a restaurant (put a bit of imagination on that) and the other a enchanting-forging-crafting library.

-If I get to fiverr level 1, I may include complex buildings to this gig.

This is what I need:

-A reference image or description

-If do you want it to be functional, I need to know how many rooms it needs.

-The map where I have to build. It’s the best for you since it will be included to your map immediately - therefore, on the map your server will be on. It would be nice to have some sort of mark of where I have to build it.

-If you want the construction on a new map, I will need to know which biome you want.