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I will make a video montage with up to 60 of your digital photos

Do you have a bunch of Photos and images just sitting on your Computer making no purpose inside the folders wasting space.

Do you have a creative idea of making a timeline sequence with your images for family videos, social media and Youtuve videos

Do you think there is purpose of every single image that has close feelings for you to be recreated in a video format

What better way to thank the bride and groom for such a fun time then by giving them a video montage of the photos you’ve taken from that evening

The friends family and party gathering why not bring them all together with a soft beautiful audio play back

If you believe in all ''a good video montage is a great way to express your self bringing all you love bringing together.

I will make you a 1 min to 3 min Max Time line video collecting all your images with a beautiful music or a sound track of your own choice, If you wish i can choose the best royalty free music track for you too including your desired texts and adding effects.

Simply message me the links to the photos you would like to use or send the images through inbox and I’ll handle the rest.

Your Satisfaction will be my first and biggest priority


Team SK.Media