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I will make amazing style cartoon or mascot logo IN JUST $5 WITHIN 24 HOURS

Hey Everyone on fiverr, I am new on fiverr and start my on work here please review my gig and help me to grow my mascot gig, I will do any type of masoct logo, Illustration and etc for you in just $5 within 24 hours. Here is the link to see my portfilo you will be shocked to see my work!


@emilydesigner09 Welcome Fiverr, hope your Success

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welcome on fiverr. But this is not proper way for gig marketing. Try to search your gig relevant forum and be a active user and post links but not early try to take time. it will be more effective then early link creation.


Hello @emilydesigner09, saw your gig, you are an amazing cartoonist :+1:


Dear Emily , Your gig is very nice looking in terms of basic setup of fiverr accounts and gigs. But if you takes a look at current logo design fiverr market you will see that those guys are using the Mock-Ups and Templates to Showcase the design more Extra Ordinary.

You added that Certification that you are expert adobe certificate holder so you need to make something really extra ordinary that something that define your professionalization. When i checked your gig , I feel following points , Hope this review will help you to improve your all future and current gigs.

A Honest Gig Review :

–> Your price is little higher in compare to other fiverr market designer
–> You are new seller , Why i need to hire you for high price ? 10$ is very high in terms of design you and other providing.
–> I want to see more designs ( Where is your detailed portfolios ? ) - Portfolio Missing!!
–> in 10$ people are giving the source & vector files , But in your services you are not giving that!! that’s negative point!
–> Which Software you are using ? Do you provide the commercial approval ? A Commercial use ? You have Graphic Design software license ?
–> You added a Line in end of the description that says " I will do anything to make you a satisfied!" ( Well this looks very unprofessional )
–> How i can be sure that you are selling Original Design ?

This is something i noticed and feeling, You can do some of research your self and can make changes. After all , Everything you can develop need to be extra ordinary as you are Adobe Expert Certificate Holder. At-least a Best Looking Design. A design that customer looking for and wanting for!! :smile:

Thank You , Have a Great day & Good Luck!

Respectful -= MDC

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you are an amazing cartoonist

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Your gig is really eye-catching. Wishing you a good luck. Thanks!

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Thank you :slight_smile: