I will make an ANIMATED AMAZING Header or banner as a GIF!


Title says it all! Check out my gig if you need an animated banner or image :)! Visit: http://fiverr.com/hushed/make-you-an-amazing-animated-gif-image

Remember this is not a video,its an image like a jpg or png. Its really cool for banners since you dont post a video, its an image that plays itself.

If you dont know what an animated gif is I made this sample for you guys!http://i1077.photobucket.com/albums/w479/hushaam/CLOCK_zpsc1769257.gif


Cool gig :slight_smile:


Tanks :P!


Nice gig :slight_smile:




Back in my day… holds cane gingerly we didnt have no stinkin videos. We had 256 1 pallet colored animated gifs and we LIKED IT! =))