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I Will Make An Eye Catchy Mascot Logo

I Will Do Awesome Mascot Logo For Twitch, Gaming,E Sport, Sports, With 100 % Satisfaction . My service include unlimited revision.

Mostly peoples face depute for unlimited revisions, doesn’t it makes you scared. unlimited revisions means forever, if some one unhappy with you, he/she can be mark your services any time. because you would be bound in your terms and your client may be in some revenge. I
don’t have any intention to hurt your feelings but I just shared what I often see at this forum and I am wishing you good luck for your good fortune

Hello Netartica
thank for sharing your experience. maybe some of the seller will bound their clients but i am against this because buyer have right to cancel his/her order so why you are stuck them its againts TOS . thats why i am offering unlimited revisions with money back guarantee if someone not like my work i will happt give his/her money back to cancel that order.
thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes you are right, If you don’t bother with a cancellation because of unlimited revisions. I have good wishes for you, and I really impressed by your rapid growth. best of luck

Hello again netartica
thank you so much for your wishes i appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face: