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I will make an interactive rpg GAME with your personalized message for $5


I’m new here and this is my 1st gig ever! =))


This looks like a great gig and very unique, good luck to you in 2013


Reply to @tn5rr2012: thank you! im trying to upload a video so buyers can have an idea what it will look like, hopefully it will be published soon. =) Good luck to you too.


Great idea! I believe the buyers would love to see a video so when you get it up lets us know I’m sure we would all like to see it!


Reply to @ceceliavo: thank you! the video is up. please tell me what u guys think. =)


This is amazing! Collected the gig, it’s something I’ve never seen before.

My crystal ball is seeing very fantastic sales soon.

Good luck


Reply to @princemaxx: thank you very much! =)


I’m with the lady, I need to “see” this in action to “get it” I’m not sure if I’m getting a “game” or a creative “image” that appears to be from a game. And if a game, …is it any good :slight_smile: LOL


Reply to @anarchofighter: yes I already uploaded the video, what u see on the video is an actual video recording of me playing it. but i dont know how to provide some samples so i only provided the video recording. can i post a link from a different website in fiverr to provide some sample game? thank you for your reply =)


I think not. Only a few sites can be linked to. Let me go see your video!!!


Reply to @anarchofighter: you can find it here =)


WOW, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! That is truly something. I have NO idea how much info you’re going to need from me, but I just ordered. This is great :slight_smile: TY.


Reply to @anarchofighter: wow! ty very much for helping a beginner like me! ill try my very best! =)