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I Will Make Audio Visualizer Or Audio Specturm Music Video


Hello, guys
in this gig, I am gonna make music visualizer or audio spectrum video for your song/music
feel free to give feedback about it here is the link of my gig


someone please suggest that is there any wrong in my gig ?


Yes, there are quite a few mistakes you should improve. So please adjust to the following:

  • You shouldn’t set all of your descriptions to bold font, it makes it look unpleasant and hard to read. You should only set the most important parts to bold:

  • You should use proper grammar and punctuation. Buyers really look into sellers that know proper English, grammar, and punctuation.

  • You shouldn’t use ‘and’ in a listing.

  • You should tell a bit about yourself in the description, Buyers aren’t going to buy something from a shady looking person.

  • You shouldn’t promise 100% guaranteed satisfaction, the Buyer will decide if they’re happy with your Work.

I adjusted your description for you:

I’m Arrumi, I’m gonna make music visualizer or audio spectrum video for your audio clip.

I offer services listed below:

  • Artist/singer name
  • Moving background
  • 1080p Full HD
  • Titles and subtitles

Why should you choose me over others?

  • High professional level
  • Quick delivery
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied

My requirements:

  • An audio file
  • Artist logo or your cover art
  • Artist name (and song title and if you have the website URL)
  • Read all the packages then order (if you’re still confused, contact me before placing an order )
  • If your video is longer than 5 or 6 minutes then please contact me before placing the order

Feel free to contact me,


oh man really appreciate i don’t know how to say thanks but i won’t forget it brother :heart_eyes::cry:


You’re welcome, we’re all here on this forum to help each other afterall. :smiley:


loved it man, i never saw anyone in the forum helped anyone like you