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I will make creative logo for you, with fresh idea and passion for $5

Are You Need A Logo Design ?
with fresh idea ? and absolutly profesional ?
yes we are you need for that

we will make your logo with inovative and clear idea
what we offer ?

  1. For 5 Dollar
    you will get 1 logo with 1 revision *only one
    JPEG,PNG,and Also CDR or Ai (Vector Format)
    time : 5 days

  2. For 10 Dollar
    you will get 1 logo with 3 revision
    JPEG,PND,and Also Ai (Vector Format)
    time : 3 days

  3. For 20 Dollar (EXPRESS DELIVERY) *I Recomended for this
    you will get 2 logo with unlimited revision + bonus Business Card
    time : 1 DAYS only 1 Days

How it procedure or rule ?

1.Take Order
2.Send Me Your Brief
Your Business Name:
Your Country :
Email :
reference :
*if you have inspiration or reference for your logo just tell us
3.I Will Work It
4.if done i will send to you with love
5.and you will happy forever :slight_smile:

We work from 8 AM - 4 PM (GMT+7)
and holiday and sunday we are off, just place your order and i will imedietly to respond.

fyi, if you want more question feel free to contact us at
thank, best regard - SEGITIGA