I will make intros


we can make good animations contact us know :wink:


Nice collection of videohive templates you’ve got there, advertising them as your own work. :slight_smile:


What if we dont have any logo. :confused:
Thanks by the way.


thanks for your negativity :wink:


you may send your text only :blush:


@animakerhd Negativity? since when calling out something illegal is perceived as being negative?

can you actually produce your own work?


do your own business :wink:



OK I will pay you as much as you quote me if you can actually make the wolf intro, into a similar style bunny rabbit. :stuck_out_tongue:

All kidding aside…

RE: licenses: videohive’s extended license (which you did not purchase, let’s not kid ourselves) is for 1 end product only. so upon selling 1 gig, you would actually need a new license.

so excuse me if I find it hard to believe you spend $100 in licensing fees every time you sell a $5 gig


You won it MAN…


good, I see you edited your response. :slight_smile:

At least you stopped with the lies.


lol he took down the wolf intro but left everything else! :slight_smile:

what about the “cinematic thrill” one? :stuck_out_tongue:


you are a TRS don’t down other new sellers you think you are doing this right well you don’t let others down


So what do you want? To take down his entire account,:joy:


Its okay dude, keep the good work. He didnt mean to hurt you.


we just offer some thing for every one but what we get is our gig down (Y) good dear TRS good ethics for nobs


will ever thankful to you for this support mam (Y)


Hey it’s honorable that you actually took down one of the pirated templates.

I am here to help other sellers but also help the marketplace.

I’m not personally attacking anyone nor do I want him to delete his account.

And if you need any help with your gigs @animakerhd i will help you. Heck I will even give you some pointers into how to actually create decent animations without needing any templates. :slight_smile:

All you have to do is ask me here.[quote=“animakerhd, post:1, topic:104373, full:true”]
we can make good animations contact us know :wink:


Well done. Hats off.


Protecting the marketplace means everyone can keep on selling here and making $. :slight_smile:

Piracy has no place here. End of PSA. :slight_smile: