I will make my gigs but no order


i will make my gigs but no order … i will gave service please any one buy my gig


Begging for sales here on the forums will not be fruitful. People usually avoid sellers who beg for sales. You don’t deserve any sales – you earn them through well-designed gigs, well-written responses in the Buyer Request section of this site, or taking the time to work hard and market your services to the people that need them.

What are you doing to EARN your sales?


Share your gig on social market if your skill is fine then definitely will get sell


This is terrible advice. Merely sharing links to your friends on social media sites will not result in long-term, consistent customers. Sure, your mom might buy one of your gigs out of pity, but is your mom really the kind of customer your need to make your business successful?

There are no guarantees. Please stop suggesting that doing something untargeted and random will result in sales. It won’t. Target your marketing; target your customers. And be happy that your mom chose to help you get started with a single “here, maybe this will help you, hunnybun” sale. :wink:


Sir i want to said that share gig in high profile group or page which is match with skill not in timelime. I got sell like this way. But i don’t know why you said that . if i am wrong i apologies for it


thanks… jonbaas …i will take action on it, and cant beg more about gigs purchase.