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I will make outstanding mascots logos

i will make an outstanding mascot logos. in very reasonable price. please have a look on my gig you will be amaze to see my work

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Are you sure that’s your work over there ? Not trying to accuse you of anything but I saw that you have really low prices … I doubt that such quality work can be done with 10$ for instance… and I found some of the samples on different websites… You should check that if you don’t want to get in trouble…just saying .

Yes ofcourse its my work. i offer i low price so doesnt mean that its not my work or someone else.

:frowning: a reverse image check on google says something else… anyway please feel free to use anything you want however I was only trying to safe you from getting a warning or even worse… just saying nothing personal

(a reverse image check on google says something else) i dont get it. anyways thank you so much i got it