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I will make Slideshow PROMO Video for your Business Service Product


I will produce Slideshow Video PROMO for your Business, Service, Product, Brand… feel free to contact me.


that’s a great videohive template you are illegally re-selling here!

did you torrent it all by yourself? :slight_smile:

where do you come up with such creative and original designs?? :smiley:

(I notified the template’s author, you will be hearing from him soon)



see this is what’s wrong with Fiverr:

a seller has 18 gigs total, none of which was made by them. Every single one of them is a template sold on other websites. (videohive mostly)

And yet this seller was never questioned, made it to level-2, will maybe even make TRS one day.

When I call them out, they simply delete the gig, don’t respond and hope that it will be quickly forgotten.