I will make USA passport for $5


Hello, you want to have an impressive avatar, a facebook cover, a funny picture to attract friends - Come to our services. With just $ 5 you can make yourself a set of Passport photos with any information that you want and any images. You can also give me information about your pet, I will make a Passport pictures with your information ;))

Notice: This service gives you the funny photo of a Passport, I only sold photos of a passport. Thanks!

That pictures sample below is a random details, That Identity is not real. thanks u

Sheriff’s Note: When attaching images to the forum the dimensions are 670 (width) x 315 (height) pixels.


I resized my pictures with 315 (height) pixels. THanks


If someone have question. please ask me in here


I have a feeling that is not the most legal of gigs…


I just make funny pic, I’m not selling anything legal


What do you mean by a “funny pic”? This…sounds…illegal.


This sounds really scary…America doesn’t handle these things lightly be careful :s


It just use for avatar facebook or Joke…


You even have a gig to do a fake bank statement. It doesn’t matter how many times you say it’s for a “joke” and people shouldn’t use it for scams. It’s only a matter of time until this will go bad. You can’t possibly be so naive as to think someone won’t find this to be a perfect way to scam someone. I mean you make photo passports/IDs and bank statements and you think you can just say it’s for fun? Hm…