I will make you a duct tape character figurine for $5 - Check out My Gig!



Have you ever seen anything like this before? My guess is not.

Made with tin foil insides/frames and duct tape outer coats, along with the occasional bit of paint, pen, or faux fur, these creatures and characters are a truly unique form of art.

I was in 1st grade when I started making these- the first one was a dragon. Then there were sea animals. And then came the characters. When I was 11, I made $400 in one summer selling these buggers.

Here’s the deal- I can make you any reasonable (no moving/working parts, no floating heads, etc) character or animal out of duct tape- starting at $5!


-Small (4-7 inch long) animals and simple characters (like Pikachu- no humans/humanoids) are $5.

-Medium (7-10 inch long) animals and mid-complexity characters (like Stitch or the Minion) are $10

-Large (10-14 inch long) animals and complex characters (humans/humanoids) are $25

If I level up and am able to add more extras, I will be adding ‘housing’/scenery for animals and characters. However I cannot sell that as an extra until I receive a significant number of sales!

If you have any questions about my capabilities as an artist, please contact me before placing an order.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hey, if they want those things like housing or scenery and you don’t provide it in your gig extras because you don’t have any more gig extras left to use then you can just send them a custom offer.


Reply to @kozakura: oh, awesome! thanks for the tip :slight_smile: