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I will make you rich for only 5$!

Hello, I am successful business stragegist and trainer. I will help you to create your own income source :wink:

My gig link: Make money online

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You’re already rich then right? Why would a rich man want to actually work for $5? :slight_smile:


probably he will be able to share ideas except execution. only ideas can’t make a man moneyed.


If you can make people rich then why you are begging $5? Go and invest $5 to rich yourself.


I busted out laughing :joy: Come on man…


The OP joined just a month ago and he is already a level 1 seller. All the reviews are 5 star, perhaps he doesn’t want to leave any single opportunity to make money, or he is experimenting on his clients, or the strategies he has gathered require money to invest and he is collecting the same by selling this gig here.

Who knows?

I see no point why it should cost more. And @matevzs1 where did I MENTIONED that I’m a rich man? I only mentioned that I’m a successful business man which doesn’t make me rich necessarily
@veniceart You’re wrong. I share not only the ways but setup process as well.
@rankinfinite My ways doesn’t require any investment .

To all you wondering why it’s only 5$ , I want to share this with other people and its my product and I put the price not you :slight_smile: If you don’t like the product just go around. :wink:

I hope I cleared this out . :roll_eyes::neutral_face:


I’m sorry if I offended you, that is not my purpose by any means. :wink:
But to be clear, I never said that you said you’re rich. :wink: I just asked if you’re rich. :wink:
Why I asked this? Because I never saw a successful businessman who would offer his “I will make you rich only for $5” offer (look at your tittle) for $5 as his hour is worth much much more than spending time for $5 even if it takes just few minutes. :wink: Usually people who are opening treads with similar names and offering their services here on forum aren’t really genuine. :slight_smile:

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He is not begging, he is just using this section of the Forum for his advantage as it is supposed to be.