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I will make you Rich within 3 months

Buy my gig for $5 and give me this code “FiverrSpell01” and I will work on making you rich within the next 3 months and I will add my full Premium Package and the full Gig extras.

This offer is only limited to the next 10 people

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I’ve always wondered why people who offer making others rich and charge just $5… don’t use their abilities to get themselves rich… avoiding to offer their hard work for just $5
Any clue?


Maybe they’re already amazingly rich and want to spread their secret and wealth for some change (because rich people need spare change, too, and what better place to get spare change if not on Fiverr?)


He/She isn’t the only one to ask! I asked many of them in real life, but no one answered me. :grin:

Woah! This is less than I thought. Search result of “money spell”

That means, this category is productive. :wink:


Unluckily my spell skills don’t go further Harry Potter’s latin sentences… :unamused:


If you into some shady stuff, I can make you rich…fast.


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Why did you make me let go of my spoon? I love tomato soup!


Interesting… how the original poster has nothing to say in their defense, to convince us to use their service and get rich.

I would’ve expected at least a reply to persuade us in buying their service after all that has been said here… maybe it’s because of the Silencio spell.


OP queue must be in the triple digits by now. :smile: :moneybag:


Here’s a deal. I pay for the gig after the 3 month. As I am rich then, I promise you $100.000,-
Much better than the initial $5,-
What do you think? Deal???


Why are we investigating him/her? :confounded:
@nikavoice @mariokluser OP isn’t the only person offering a money spell on Fiverr!
Go, get all of em. I will get your back. :wink:

I read your post and i am thinking…
Who is this guy.

I don’t investigate anybody. I react to a post on the forum.

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The OP is pretty much guaranteeing to make buyers rich within 3 months. That’s a tall claim! I wonder what happens 3 months down the road when buyers are not seeing their fortune.


PERFECT - no promise by the way

will work on …


How do people deliver spells on fiverr? lol

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