I will make your English perfect, a gig for Fiverr sellers


I’ve created a gig that I think a lot of sellers would benefit from. Check it out, let me know if we can work together.



Have you thought of offering proof reading service? Seems to sell here.


Reply to @kay2809: Yes, but it seems like there’s so many proof reading gigs. I thought I could stand out by specializing in Fiverr sellers who speak English as a second language. What do you think?


Reply to @heyjoe421: Agree that there are many of them but I used to think the same about my programming gig but where I am today is because of that gig that I started.

I wasn’t even a good programmer when I started that but now that’s my highest selling gig.

Just make a gig. Nothing wrong in trying that if English is your first language and you can provide the service. Who knows you may rise in the same way ?


Reply to @kay2809: Thanks for the benefit of your experience. I’m definitely experimenting with all kinds of gigs, it’s just like you said, you never know what might take off or be your highest selling gig.


The writing market is saturated, but if you’re good, you’ll still get work.

I assume the same to be true about the proofreading market, too. :slight_smile:


Reply to @sara1984: Yea, both are saturated as shit. But I’m so eloquent, I know I’ll do well. I’ve gotten one order each on my proofreading and writing gigs, not a bad first day.

P.S I love your tag line.