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I will make your life easier!

I advised many artists, entrepreneurs, startups and companies, including award winning fashion brands and media outlets. When I decided to create this gig, my goal was to support other people and positively influence their life for 5$.

I will send you a “LIFE KIT” that will make your life easier and that will give you guidance that could help you change your life and achieve something great:

• Life Hacks. Set of tricks & shortcuts that will make your life easier, guaranteed.

• Startup Kit, including 80+ investors with websites, 50 emails & submit links.

• Sponsorship Kit, including contacts (Fila, Virging, Reebok etc.). Find sponsors for your team, event, band or…

• A&R Kit, including major A&R contacts, submit music to radio links, record a feature with major artists etc.

• Make money articles. These articles give you legit ways to make money online, no scams or hidden fees. You can get paid to watch videos, search on Google, write, create gigs etc.

  • other valuable tips & tricks, handpicked articles, templates…

    Value of the package: 140$, 4 years of experience & 40 hours of research.

    Regardless of profession, age or interests, this kit is useful to everyone.