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I will make your Pinterest boards flourish

#1 - In order to make your Pinterest Boards rock, I need you to give me a list of keywords that describe your business and/or brand along with special notes on what makes your business stand out from all others. What makes you unique?

If you are too busy, I have a creative marketing mind and can come up with relevant ideas on my own so no worries.

I will be engaging, inviting and pinning on your behalf so be sure to let me know anything that may be off-limits. Otherwise, I am going to use my digital marketing and PR skills to make your Pinterest Board flourish!

For an additional $5 I will create a custom pin with the BOARD name on it as the PHOTO ALBUM COVER.

If you have any questions or concerns please message me before you order to make sure I can do what you are hoping for.

Thank you!



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