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I will manage your Facebook page as admin for 7 days

Rent Me As Content Creator Admin For Your Facebook Page.

I will make posts related with your Facebook page category.

I will make daily 20 posts on your page for 7 days.

I spend daily 7 to 8 hours on Facebook and I am already managing

many pages like funny pages , military pages ,health pages, and others.

so you can also add me as content creator into your page admin panel

please i am not going to work on sexy pages so please not hire me for this,

I don’t blame Biancha for her reaction. You would need the user and pass for the Facebook account. This is a bit fishy; it would be a huge leap of faith for any buyer to give you this information (I know I would have second thoughts).

Reply to @biancha: Don’t listen to this jerk. Good service idea! Good luck!


Reply to @spencerwebsites: thats no way to treat a fellow seller, you are breaking forum rules by calling me a jerk.

<3 Thank you

Reply to @cristinaghy: yup, or the user can say " dont give me the pass , but make me admin " giving him power over your page.

Its not safe.


Reply to @kjblynx: You think a simple no is rude and snarky?

The post says " Rent Me As Content Creator Admin For Your Facebook Page. “

i dont want to rent him as a content creator admin for my facebook, for a lot of reasons. So instead of wasting my time with a bunch of reasons i decided to just reply “no”.

Its not like you see a " no, your gig is terrible and im a jerk”.

This is an open forum, to make a statement based on two letters is just kind of silly.

but thats ur opinion <3

Many of my clients give login info…BUT…I’ve built a relationship with them and proven my skill and loyality, so yes this do-able…in time!

oh no you are thinking wrong i am not asking to you that you give me your login and pass I am only providing my Facebook service that Facebook allow you. in fact there is many types of admin in Facebook page admin panel first is manager second is Editor and advertiser moderator analyst so all admin have their work but content creator or editor can make posts and remain your page active. In all these admins only manager can have authority to add more admins for pots. i am sure that you try me to understand.