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I Will Manage Your Social Media Account


Looking to expand your social media, reach more potential buyers, or want help gaining more likes and followers? (For $5!)
I’m here to help. I’m an experienced beauty & fashion influencer, who has worked with numerous brands from America and the UK. I have experience with promoting my own social media, and others by knowing what to post, when to post and especially how to post.

When setting up my own YouTube channel, within the first week and a half, I had 700+ subscribers. What could this mean for you? I will provide as much help and guidance as possible with catchy posts, the right hashtags to gain the right audience, consistent posting, interaction with followers, updating information such as bio, containing an important link such as a website (e.g. blog).
Not only can I work on Instagram accounts, but also Facebook Pages. I will help create high quality banners using professional photos that I will take using either a Canon Camera or my Iphone 6s that will stand out. I can also create detailed, informative posts that grab your follower’s attention that could include links, your photos and useful content.

I am currently taking custom orders, so if there’s anything specific you need don’t hesitate to ask. I guarantee to deliver within 24 hours!
I can work on anything from Facebook pages, Facebook Groups, Instagram Accounts, Snapchat Accounts, Blogs, Forums, Websites.
If interested please click here: