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I will mystery shop on the phone for $5


Thank you for stopping by.

Since I started mystery shopping in 2005, I have found that phone mystery shoppers are the most effective in some cases.

Exclusively here on fiverr I will do a phone mysteryshop for you And do it professionally. If you have an IVR system in place then I will call using your instructions. If you have your own call monitoring system I will use that system you have already.

Otherwise Due to wiretapping laws in the US I will not record the call but instead give you the appropriate information needed from the call…

I can act out any role that you request and give you a fully detailed report after the call has been made.

The report gives you the following details:

The time call started (EST)

Name of person contacted

My used name for the call

subjects discussed during the call

Effectiveness of the Employee spoken with

Knowledge of the employee spoken with

The time call ended (EST)

1 gig gives you up to 3 minutes of call (time starts once the call is answered)


I will start to close the call around the time purchased so if you only buy 3 minutes I will wrap up the call around 3-3 & 1/2 minutes.