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I will never ever offer a service on Fiverr again

Hey people,

recently I just startet a gig here where I offered a gig “brand name ideas”.
After a good start with 5 happy customers (5 stars) in a week, I got a buyer who immediately wanted to cancel the job after I delivered the ideas.
I put around 3 hours into researching and brainstorming, for 15€. It’s actually a joke but I thought I am creative and I can earn some extra pocket money here.

I declined the cancellation of the gig and decided to rather get a negative rating than a cancelled gig, because my ideas where good in my opinion and I already put time and thinking into it. I get that sometimes people have a different taste and to everyone is on the same page but this is just not acceptable.

The buyer reported the gig to fiverr and they approved the cancellation. So I lost 3 hours of work, and the money. And got a cancellation on my profile. The buyer didn’t even tried to solve the problems via a revision.

I will never ever again use fiverr as a service. This website is bad for the industry and bad for every creative out there.


Fiverr have a lot to answer right now in terms of honoring their apparent commitment to Trust & Safety as per the TOS.

Even their adverts show a very concerning view of Freelancers as often they are in cages and generally shown as being less-than fully developed, deserving human beings.



It’s no surprise, as often we are forced to work for free. I just had a rude buyer who got 2 articles out of me. I don’t know if he was scamming me or truly didn’t like the first one, but it’s obvious there are no revisions included. Just imagine what would happen if Fiverr actually backed up their sellers for a change?!


Today I asked the customer support why exactly they decided to cancel the job and don’t pay me.

They don’t even want to tell me what rule I broke or why in general.

This company is just a shitshow. I definitely will never recommend or use fiverr again.

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I once offered the same sort of service here.

It did okay, until I got an order from a Buyer like the one you described.

He was never satisfied and I offered far more name suggestions for his product than the Gig specified and still he was not happy.

I suggested cancelling the order as I wasn’t going to keep feeding him ideas outside of the scope of the original order.

He agreed to the cancellation, left a bad review (reviews mean zilch to me as I’m not here for that) and I pulled the Gig off of my Gig page.

It hasn’t been an issue since.