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I will never use Fiverr again

I will never use Fiverr again.
Not only it doesn’t protect the buyer in any way but also there is no way get the money back.

Also the is no way to rate Fiverr on the internet. Their customer support is non existing!!!

Is this company a scam?

What you are saying seems to be inaccurate.
Buyers are protected, refunds happen all the time, plenty of places to rate Fiverr online, customer support responds within 24 hours usually.
What happened?


Buyers have far, far more protections than sellers. You can simply not accept the delivery, ask for revisions, or ask to cancel the order if you aren’t happy. If you cancel the order your money will be refunded.

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Look I’m a seller and it’s really hard to sel your gig here and if some one buys your gig and the customer is not satisfied they can have a refund and all your work is than gone.Fiver really supports there buyers with every thing that they can.

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The seller refused to cancel the order multiple times!!!
I don’t know about you but I didn’t get any response from Fiverr to my complaint
What company does not have any contact info on their website?

Only one that does not want to be contacted!

The worst experience ever

If the delivery wasn’t what you wanted did you try asking for revisions to it?
What was the problem with the delivery?

edit: Did you contact support through the helpdesk (created a support ticket)?

Note that cancelation has serious impacts for the seller, like losing seller level and not getting any more sales for 60 days. And you cannot cancel an order based on its quality, as stated in the Terms of Service:
** Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.*

Yes it does: click on contact us

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