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I will never use Fiverr again!

so i spend $126 for a 24hr website design. it takes over a.week to get my first draft and its a simple template no text even though i supplied everything.

i send cancellation which is ignored.

i send THREE customer support requests to help AND NOT ONE RESPONSE!!

so i have no website, out 126 bucks and Fiverr doesnt care. no number to call and.non.existent email responses.

happy xmas from fiverr!

If the cancellation was ignored (i.e. the seller didn’t decline it but let it stand), then you should have had a credit refund? Have you checked your balance? Be aware that Customer Support can take up a week to respond due to a heavy load, and sending multiple tickets only slows the system down more.

yes, should have is the correct term, but didnt is what actually happened. last cust supp message nearly ten days ago. so as i said, three attempts no.response.

You can always try their Facebook and Twitter–I understand that getting a bit vocal on their social media pages gets the system moving a bit quicker.

shame that you have to resort to that too get a response to a problem, but I apprecicate your feedback.

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You should really be careful before you give your money to someone out there a lot of people on fiverr doesn’t take their work serious enough however you can Request a cancellation then you can hire some else to get the job done for you.

It’s a shame my merrymaking purse will never be accepted by its true name, the *** ******* *** ** ***** ************************. . For some spare words, ** *** * *** ****** and ****** ***!

It is not right
Fiverr always response well within an hour.

No they don’t, or you have a secret.

It may be a secret.
Always talk with kindly and politlly

You can stab someone in the back while being kind and polite, you know.

The Ottomans were famous for it. So was England (“perfidious Albion”). I prefer to be more direct when I’m not working.