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I will NOT be sold for less than I'm worth! Also, this new Fiverr Android App

Hey fellow Fiverrs,

I’m all about making the sale, but some of these buyers absolutely “grind my gears” with their insulting offers. MOST Fiverr users are great (from my experience at least) but there are some who honestly have the gall expect the world for $5, not taking into consideration your time, talent, & effort! Blechhh…Anyway, I feel better about getting that off my chest lol!

ANYWAYYYY, How bout this new app for android?? Kinda cool, still missing some features though. What do you think?

Personally, I’d like it to resemble the website, as well as live update after reading posts and checking gigs. I think after time it’ll get streamlined much better, but until then, I’ll anticipate frequent updates =)

Here’s my reply to those who want a gig for next to nothing.

“I appreciate your spirit and enthusiasm, however I do not engage in price wars or low bidding. My Fiverr Gig prices are far below the open market. When you come to me on Fiverr you get the same high standard of quality and attention to detail that clients outside of Fiverr get and willingly pay more for. I’m an award winning radio and tv show host with over 40 years devoted to my craft. I feel I have established and earned a reputation in my field so as not to have to compromise my work for the purpose of taking a sale away from another Seller. I’m sure if you look you will find Sellers willing to do your project for next to nothing, however I am not one of them. I wish you all the best.”

My rates are based on word count (I offer editorial services). You’d think that people would be willing to at least pay $5 since, you know, that’s how Fiverr works. But I even get messages from users who say that since their text’s word count is not quite at the threshold of my gig rate ($5 per 2,000 words), they want to know if they can just send me $2 through PayPal instead for me to work on their file.

Even if direct payments were okay, that’s pretty crazy. I just have to laugh at that point. Even though I send a polite message back, I really feel like saying, "Congratulations on your recent victory in the race for Mayor of Crazytown, sir, but that’s not going to fly."

I guess it takes all kinds.

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Wow such great replies! I feel that Fiverr is getting more and more commercial, which is great! I can’t go to a website without seeing it pop up in the corner everywhere. I was even asked at an interview if I knew about Fiverr and I was delighted to say yes! It’s just that with that, comes people expecting the world handed over. The self-entitlement these days! But your responses are gold!

Reply to @nickih: lollll you know!!! Sometimes you just need to vent & know that you’re (meaning me) is not the insane one, otherwise you’re right, everyone would be the next prized winner of Mayor of Crazytown!

voiceoverrapper said: But your responses are gold!