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I Will offer You A FULL AHREFs Backlink Report For Any Website Under 24 Hours for $5

SEO, social networking and traffic generation experts with more than 8 years of experience.

Back links seams to be everywhere on the web, some are good, while many are bad. Our gig offered here exclusively on Fiverr is to create you a comprehensive analysis report of any URL on your site or your competitors site.

Bad juice have huge negative impact on your rankings. It is very important to find and remove these before Google slams their Penalty which can push your site down the rankings, our gig will show you each and every URLs pointing to your website for an informed decision about which stays or should be remove.

We’ll also show you:

Where the link comes from (The actual full URL)

Its IP Address

The score (How good the link is)

The title and anchor text used

Its DO or NO FOLLOW State

Plus a few other pieces of data

Get a smart SEO strategy that will increase the number of targeted visitors, improve visibility of your site, help you choose which keywords to target, increase search engine rankings and get many other things.

If you have any Q don’t hesitate to use our inbox…

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