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I Will order you're Gig it worth ordering

Ok so the reason that I’m doing this that I know there is many many people that have awesome gigs but don’t have any reviews or sales so if you have a gig or an good service I’ll check it out, but please don’t link your gig in the comments because that’s against the rules of fiverr.

just explain what kind of gig do you have and I’ll take a look, and May order it and give you an good review so your gig will stand out more and maybe you will get more sales by that, thanks.

sir can you please check my power point presentation gig and also watch a video …

May you please check my gig and give me some suggestions also. That how can I sell more. Because I dont have new clients. I can not able to sell.

Hey, not sure if i’m doing what you mean but i’m currently offering two gigs.
Bulk image editing, and what time you’ll get sun at you venue or garden.


I’m offering the maximum amount of gigs allowed as a New Seller. Check out what I’m offering and if you’re interested in any, get in touch.


I am skilled in Photoshop work…its been two months i am on fiverr but still not get any order…please check my gigs, i hope you like them…If you wanna give any suggestion please contact me…

My gig page mainly consists of art related stuff, so you’ll mainly see gigs pertaining to drawing, illustration, ebook cover design etc, feel free to check out my gigs if you have time, even if you just want to look at them. :slight_smile:

Hi, my gig consists of translations from english to spanish and vice versa. Can you please check it out? I would also love some suggestions.

Hi , I am offering to help students solve and understand physics problems for students.
Most of us hated physics in high school and college , I am trying for students to loose some hate for physics.
check out my gig and provide some feedback , it will be very awesome of you . :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

@nshanmirabian I think this is a great thing to do. I have done it myself, offering to buy gigs from brand new sellers if they matched some criteria I needed. It was a great experience and I’m sure I will do it again. One thing, though, even though so far people have complied with the request not to include links, this type of offer does tend to draw out a lot of responses with people just asking for orders. I would suggest that this post would fit better in either Conversations or My Fiverr Gigs. Thanks again for offering this for sellers needing a leg up! :slight_smile:

I’m offering a different type of service to my valuable prospect’s… in my most fav gig i’m offering Google adword’s and analytics professional level certification service. just have a quick look in my gig to get detailed info.

Get Your Adword and Google Adwords and Analytics Certification & Become a Certified Professional…


That’s so nice of you. I will be very much happy if you kindly look at my gigs and advice what I am missing to sale my gigs more.

Thank you.

Reply to @ricardo26: you don’t have any gigs on your page, if you wanna do translation you probably should create a gig first