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I will paint a PET portrait in real watercolor paint for $5

Show off a delightful painted portrait of your pet at your home/office or give as a gift to a friend or loved one!

For $5 I will paint you a 2x2 inch watercolor painting of your pet.

For larger, more detailed paintings, add extras to equal the prices below (If you have ANY questions, please shoot me a message and I’ll help you with your order.);
For a 3x5 inch pet painting - $45 (Add $40 gig extra)
For a 4x6 inch pet painting - $65 (Add $20 gig extra & $40 gig extra)
For a 5x7 inch pet painting - $85 (Add both $40 gig extras)
For an 8x10 inch pet painting - $105 (Add $20 gig extra & both $40 gig extras)
For any size larger than 8x10 contact me directly and we can work out a custom price!

Also available as extras;
Add $5 to include a miniature easel (A great way to display the $5 2x2 inch option!)
Add $20 for Extra Fast delivery including expedited shipping

IMPORTANTE: You will receive the actual, physical paper that I have done your pet painting on; NO electronic files, NO trips to the print shop, NO worries! (Frame not included)

ALSO NOTE: I will determine the size of your painting by the gig extras you add to your order.

I look forward to painting for you!