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I will paint your portrait in a cute style for $5


Whether a fictional character or a real person, I will paint you 1 picture for $5 each. Even colored!

All I need are pictures that show clear facial features and body shape. You can specify the clothing, but if you don’t, I will make up something for you.

If a fictional character, just give me details on his/her appearance.

You can specify a pose you want, or I will do anything I have in mind.

You can also choose 1 of the 3 styles in the demo gallery, otherwise I will usually go with style 1.

  • $5/1 person picture, place 1 additional order for every extra person.

  • Delivery includes png file(s) with white and transparent background, in roughly A6 size (approximately 1250x1750 pixels)

  • Burst only, full body figure will cost extra