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I will pay if I like your design

Recently I get some clients usually ask for the designs and say I will pay if I like your design. Should we work for that clients?

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Thank you. But sometime it gets confusing to decide. As for startup gigs.

Hi of course not, probable they are just scammers. You need send an portfolio with some of your latests works, for them see your work


Thank you. I will try it.

The issue starts with many sellers offering ‘you only have to pay if you like it’- making it very easy to scam them. I’ve made a couple buyer’s requests and at least half of the sellers said that I can wait with placing an order until I like the product (which I assume is a way to avoid negative reviews). I can easily understand many buyers feeling like they can just do the same with everyone once a couple newbies present this as an actual way of well, getting what they want.
TL.DR.: Don’t do it. Chances are they “won’t like” your work.


Never ever ever!

Think of this scenario:
You send them the design and they ask for multiple revisions until they receive the design that they like. After they get that design, they can just block you and keep their design for free! Now you’ve just spent tons of time for no money at all!

Or this scenario:
Once you send them a starting design, they find tons of things that they want to change. You’re spending hours and hours working on their design, but they might not even order. They could keep bothering you all day to fix the design!

There’s so many possible things that could go wrong with making the design first!


Thigs went different here!!

Client decide to purchase every designs.

Results: Some bad experiences let client think about to ask for it. If you are confident about your design capabilities. say yes take challenge.

Wonderful Speech! Thanks.

No at all! It’s a trouble!

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If a client writes to you with a desire to buy a product from you, then he has seen the example and must understand what he is buying. A good client will not set any stupid conditions. It is better not to work with such people.