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I will perform analysis on your cryptocurrency or stock


Both the cryptocurrency and stock market are continuously fluctuating.

Downtrends come, but more importantly, get reversed for uptrends.
Of course you could buy-in at any time or hope for the best.

Every growth comes with correction.
Each correction requires a catalyst.
Every correction will come in waves.

You could put your bets on the end of a downtrend, or you could play it smart.
Each action in the stock market towards the price has a thought behind it.
By analyzing graphs of your desired stock/coin, these thoughts can be followed.

The only way to know the direction of a stock/coin, is by anticipating accordingly to support and resistance levels.

I will perform a professional analysis on your desired stock/cryptocoin with a brief statement on my conclusions.

You can request any desired indicators, and revisions are always possible if you wish them.