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I Will Photoshop Editing Background Removal Of 100 Images 24 Hours


Hi there, I will remove the background from your photos professionally.
Objects will be manually selected and cropped, so the edges would be perfectly sharp and crisp.


  • Background removal / changing / transparent background

  • Silhouette

  • Remove / adding objects

  • Color correction / changing

  • Amazon Products Retouching, White Background

  • Image resizing/cropping


Why should you order my Gig?

  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • 24 hours express delivery.
  • 24/7 hours availability.
  • Quick responsiveness.

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Apologies for being dense, but why would I need anybody else to create an email address for me please?

Is it just to avoid the phone verification etc. which the email provider requires as part of their Ts and Cs? If it is, then you’re breaking their ToS, and indeed Fiverr’s as well.

Added - I see the OP has changed their original post since I replied, so apologies if it no longer makes any sense. :wink:


100 background removal for $5 … Wow…


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Omg 1000 images for $50 how that is even possible ? :smiley:


Well, you get what you pay for so I guess it comes with lower quality.
OP hasn’t really explained it. Will see if he cares to add a few comments.

Considering that the gig description is copied from someone else I wouldn’t expect much from this gig.