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I will photoshop Expert Any Photo Editing Delivery 24 Hour

My name is Md Asaduzzaman, I am a Photo Editing. My proficiency with Photo editing and Photoshop stems from over 3 years of experience in the field. I pay great attention to detail, keep the deadlines and take into account all the customer requirements. What I can do for you: -

  1. BACKGROUND REMOVE , 2. сolor сorrection - brightness and сontrast сorrection -
  2. changing color - 4. skin smoother 5… ll stray hair removal 6. body shape editing - 7. objects removal (optional, please specify what objects you would like to remove from the photo)
  3. change photo to black & white, 9. or sepia or any other color - 10. teeth whitening touchup EXPERIENCE Self Employed 12. Retouching/Restoration July 2005 - 2016 I will give you a professional and reliable photoshop service. I am free & interested in work with you now.

Best regards,
Md Asaduzzaman