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I will PHOTOSHOP the acne out of your face in a REALISTIC way for $5

Hi there Fiverr, I’ve been on for a few years now and I managed to make a couple of bucks those few years ago, but now that the community has grown it has been more difficult to find customers with all the stiff competition. I have decent Photoshop skills so I figure I’d give this a shot.

I will PHOTOSHOP the acne out of your face for only $5 in a realistic way. “Realistic” is the keyword because I see a lot of different Photoshop guides and tutorials on how to remove acne, but it always comes at the price of your natural facial texture. Check out my examples and you’ll notice that the natural texture in the face remains. It’s wild to see because it looks so realistic!

If you have acne, cystic acne even I’ll try my best to help you out :slight_smile: If you aren’t satisfied let me know!

Thank you guys.