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I will play a guitar solo on any kind of track you have


I have been playing guitar for over 17 years and have a lot of experience perfoming live and at studios. I will play any original solo on a track you have. It could be a cover song that you want an original solo for, or a track of your own that you want some fast and furious shredding to be played in it. Just send me the track you want me to record the solo on and inlcude instructions on the kind of solo you want. Rock, heav metal, blues, flamenco. Anything goes. The format will be mp3. Check my video for some credentials.


Hey, this is a cool gig and I am looking for guitarists to help in the recording of my new album. I will check you out and add you to my collection shortly.



Thanks for checking the gig out!


That is awesome and very creative, good luck and I wish you great success


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thank you very much tn5rr2012. And congrats on your success at lvl 2!


Reply to @hotwebideas:

Thanks for checking the gig out!