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I will Polish address and Poland mail forwarding


I offer

mail and package forwarding Poland
sending letters and parcels from Poland
mail forwarding business address Poland
parcel forwarding Poland
package forwarding Poland
mail forwarding Poland
parcel forwarding service in Poland
warehousing and storage of goods
get Polish address
reshipping from Poland

If you have any questions, feel free to ask




I would like to order a product, but the website is in polish, I live in Canada.
Would you be able to buy it and ship it to me once you receive it?

Thank you!


This thread is over a year old and both those accounts are no longer active.

In addition, Fiverr is a primarily digital platform. When you throw in shipping and customs, not to mention another user purchasing stuff for you, I picture that quickly turning into a logistical and communication nightmare.


Is there someone else besides these people who could help me?


Hi, I need to order a product from a polish website would you be able to help me? And forward it to Canada?
Thank you


These accounts have gone!