I will post hiphop music on KSB as sponsored and socialmedia for $5


We will post your music project on our website (song, video, mix-tape etc.) and spread the word through our social media. (ONLY HIPHOP)

  • the blogpost will be shared also on our twitter, facebook,Tumblr,blogger,diigo,delicious,linked-in and stumbleupon accounts

    to get you even more exposure with your music!

    We know how hard the music processes can be, collectively KingSizeBeatz have produced over 100+ tracks ourselves, organized 100+ events in hiphop and urban culture & worked with a variety of extremely talent artists in the past 10 years.

    Our new website is growing exponentially daily. With 1000s dedicated monthly viewers your project will get the shine it deserves.

    If we like your music we will use the $5 to promote it on our FB page too. We love new music & can’t wait to review & post your project.


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