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I will post in the forum 1X daily until I get a buyer


Having a major selling drought sucks. Thought I’d try out the forums and see what happens. I write and rap songs for any occasion. I can literally write for ANYTHING. Diss your friend, remind your lover you love 'em, birthdays, graduations, Father’s Day… I can do it all!

Would love to make a sale in the forums.

Happy selling! << click that


Wouldn’t it be better if you concentrate your energies somewhere else? Like social media? Buyers request?
Here the great majority are sellers… just sayin’


I’m not a social media person so I have to rely on my girlfriend there… And I’ve been very active in Buyer Requests. Just a rough patch I guess.


Hmmm… I don’t know but the Forums are not really a place where buyers will look for offers.
You can of course post your Gigs on “My Fiverr Gigs”, but don’t limit yourself just into Fiverr, spread your marketing also to other places.


What other marketing arenas do you suggest? Any solid outlets that you’ve tried?


Just few hours ago there was a guy posting a thread about how good he did by opening an Instagram account and post his works there. He got followers and then posted his link to Fiverr, and got $500 in sells within 2 weeks.
That could be an idea, in fact I was thinking to do something similar myself.


That’s a ridiculous idea. Knowing that he was successful with that I will do that. Spot on.


So in your opinion is less ridiculous to post your offers daily in a place where just sellers gather.
You’re the Einstein of your business, so you do as you please.