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I will pray for you in the next 30 days for $5


I will pray for your happiness and health in the next 30 days!

I need your name or the name of your relatives, friends, lovers etc. After, I will be able to pray each morning for the happiness of this person in the next 30 days.

In difficult times prayer can help you to survive. It can inspire you and give you strength. I will pray for all of you.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me.

You can find this gig here


Reply to @abigailsmycken: I didn’t tell, but I pray for people for over 15 years each morning, every day. I also have more than 20 books about prayer and brochures on how to pray properly using Russian orthodox method but also you can simply ask God from your heart. When people are hurt and don’t know what to do, they can contact me and I will really pray for them. It’s a real act of love.


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Yeah, because churches are really the epitome of ethics and morale. /sarcasm

Besides, even if that would be the point, and it would be ethical for churches to perform such acts for money, only a priest would be allowed (ethically) to obtain money from such services, because, apparently, it’s a service provided by church, thus church affiliates have better inside knowledge and have the authority to provide such services. I’m assuming, of course,that this would be a real service that would require practice and skill.

So, this is not really an argument in your favor.

But if people really want to buy your prayers, great for you and good luck with that really, just don’t use that argument because it’s infuriating.


One person already ordered 2 gigs. Please, continue to hire me. I always do my best!


Is this post real? Should it be flagged for something?


Reply to @subjecttema2924: Hi. Why do you think it’s not real? You can read terms and find that people can promote their gigs here.


Reply to @subjecttema2924: its real, just misguided. Fiverr has an entire category dedicated to spirituality and healing where sellers exploit vulnerable buyers. I once saw a gig which offered to cast a resurrection spell for 5 dollars… Believe it or not- this kind of superstition selling is fair game on fiverr.


Reply to @sabiansoldier: Why do you think it’s misguided? I couldn’t say about others, but I honestly will pray for a person’s health and happiness each morning for the next 30 days.


Reply to @sabiansoldier: Also, it’s normal to have this kind of prayer in the Russian orthodox churches. People write their names or names of their relatives and priest would pray for their health etc.


Reply to @sabiansoldier: I think it’s just a cultural difference. I wasn’t even surprised when I saw this kind of service for the first time here on Fiverr.


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: im not going to debate you on matters of religion here- but you are not offering anything of value. Or maybe a placebo at best. You are also promoting the idea that (even granted that praying works in the first place) , God will reward a person who pays five dollars to have someone pray for them. Isn’t that an indulgence? Isn’t that a practice that was abolished during the reformation? Even by religious standards, it seems unethical and immoral to me.




Reply to @sabiansoldier: I perfectly understand your point of view, but here in Ukraine and Russia it’s a usual practice that we have in our churches. So… I hope you understand why it’s ethical for me to offer such service.


Reply to @grph_master2015: What exactly do you mean? :slight_smile: