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I will professionally edit and proofread your articles

Hello, I’ve been editing for couple of years now, I offer corrections to words that are not used correctly, for your $5 I will proofread 500 words to make it of good quality and standard.

To be completely honest, I don’t think I would order from you, or recommend you to anyone else until I could be certain that your proofreading skills would not be as poor as they are in your gig descriptions. Broken sentences, choppy English, poor word choices, and, sadly, a good number of misspellings. If you want to be taken seriously as an English proofreader, you NEED to have immaculate English skills.

The low-star reviews on your gigs are evidence of this. Claims of plagiarism, bad English, unreadable work… and then responses that insult your buyers, when, clearly, you are the one delivering sub-standard work.

Veteran sellers say this over, and over again… don’t offer services here on Fiverr that you are not skilled in. Proofreading does not appear to be one of your strongest skills.