I will professionally edit your audio files




Nice one, put on more effort


I am pretty much new to this site, so im not really into this thing yet, but i will get there. I give my 100% in my job :slight_smile:


that good, just keep it up


Thank you good man! Hope to make my first sale soon!


sounds like a very good gig :smiley: cobe can u tell me how to get my gig show in search result ?


Im not sure, but i think it has something to do with the favorite status on your gig…The more people put your gig in the favorites, it’s more likely for your gig to come up first. But im just guessing. Like i said, i have this profile for 2 days now, and i work with music for about 7 years now :slight_smile:


make sure you make use of Correct gig tag, and also make use of correct English in your gig description also try and do buyers request so that you can get order and gig reviews. Only if you have reviews you can be in search result mostly in relevant page.

Note: your gig title must be among the common one.


Wow! you’re such an experience man in you job.


You think so?? Did you hear some of the tracks on my profile?